New update (Fedora) that includes salt updates may impact updating of certain VMs later (depending upon how your specific system is arranged)

Someone might want a note in here beforehand, a recent update of some Fedora templates that are involved in sys-firewall may have introduced an update issue. I tested on separate system later & simply updating the one Fedora template for the one sys-firewall introduced the problem for the same VM (parallels between systems). What seems to happen is a salt update that affects the Debian VMs so far. Using the GUI/salt route to update anyway. I’m still looking to see if alternative updating is impacted.

Tested CLI Salt using qubesctl on one impacted system, still fails but I have info regarding what salt thinks:

Trying qubesctl using specifics to target one template that is Debian based fails with “Failed to return clean data” but noticeably one error in particular. I’ll try one Fedora to see if it fails likewise but I’m not thinking that it will.

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘urllib3.util.ssl_match_hostname’ shows up along with a bunch of other text but that seems like the only clear error.

Ho @kysstfafm,

If you can, posting the entirely of the error(s) would be useful to triage possible contributing factors and understand what might be causing them. :slightly_smiling_face:

The “bunch of other text” usually contains the information needed to understand where the error originated, even if that’s not always obvious without some practice.

Testing against a template with Fedora though doesn’t fail. Each unique system will maybe encounter this issue differently. Mine has a mix of Fedora & Debian and is not using Whonix for updating so updating my sys-firewall nabs me. If anyone is prepared to fix that little problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

The subsection of the “bunch of other text” that I will here take time to copy (by hand because I cannot simply copy past from dom0) which is likely what you would require (maybe I will take time later for more effort but right now, this is what we got):

File “/var/tmp/.root_dd8a91_salt/pyall/salt/ext/tornado/”, line 42, in import urllib3.util.ssl_match_hostname

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘urllib3.util.ssl_match_hostname’

[ERROR ] An un-handled exception was caught by Salt’s global exception handler:

So line 42 is a starting point.

It is reported here:

Downgrading to 3006.1-2 in the fedora template or switching to a debian template for the mgmt VM seems to be the solution for now.


You can:


Whonix System Check suggests using upgrade-nonroot command in the whonix template for the update. Is it a viable alternative to downgrading the fedora template or switching to a debian template?