New topic body is limited to 32000 characters


I have created a guide who exceed the default maximum limit for a post.
The max_post_length is set to 32000 characthers by default.

I need a little bit more than that.

An error occurred: Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 53868.

If possible, I would want to not spoil the subject of the guide.
It’s a script, which use a lot the “Hide Details” features.

[details="hidden details"]

These settings are mainly default configuration for apps (json, xml or else).
They take a bit less of 25000 characters.

I could split the thread in 2 or even in 20 posts.
But I would prefere not to. That will break the thing.

Can we consider to double the limit ? 64K ? even 100K ?

Its the other way of this thread. :slight_smile:

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Just a suggestion in case the limit is not increases: you could upload those config files to github/gitlab and post the links.

Or you could simply post your topic, breaking it somewhere reasonable, and immediately continue it in the first reply. (That’s what I did with my discussion of Split Veracrypt.)

The increased maximum post length could be limited to TL1+ or TL2+.
Maybe only to the Guides section ?

Its almost the same as the minimum limit. We find (ugly?) workaround.

  • minimum: html or extra characters
  • maximum: external links or extra replies

I do believe it breaks the flow. At least it will break the flow of my guide.

64000 doesn’t sound too much.

@adw @deeplow @michael @Plexus ?

What is your guide?
Is the Forum the best place to post it?

Its the best place, yes, its about minimal templates and app qubes creation.
Feel free to see my draft.
Its well organized with 16 sections and ‘Hide Details’ all over (not only of course).
You don’t feel the 54K characters.

There is also the community github, I’m not a huge fan.
My guide is generic enough to not need to be updated.

About the max limit ?
I think I will use the first reply solution if its not increased. Don’t know yet.

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I’d be fine with increasing. Let’s wait for other mods and admins as well.

Increase to 64K.

@szz9pza also feel free to add a table of contents by clicking on the :gear: » insert table of contents

Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 19-47-18 Installing Software in Qubes (all methods) - User Support _ Guides - Qubes OS Forum

It’ll look like this one (look on the right side).