New to Linux - boot issues

Hi there,

I am a returning Linux user (I haven’t used any Linux in over 15 years), and decided to give Qubes OS a try on a dual-boot with Windows 11.

I installed 4.1.2 some days ago, configured the dual boot (all good, so far, even though I did not manage to get GRUB to boot into windows by default), and today decided to upgrade to 4.2 in situ.

The system works, but I have a mess of a boot menu (I used to have 3 options before):

I am guessing that the “right” boot option is with the Xen hypervisor, but I’d really like to clean up this mess (and ideally make Windows the default option, since my wife occasionally uses this computer). I tried Grub Customizer (Windows does not appear as an option - I did not save), I tried whatever instructions I found in the internet, but I am apparently way too out of date on how this thing works… Help?

It should be possible by configuring files in /etc/grub.d/ directory in dom0 and then regenerating GRUB config with grib2-mkconfig.
This should be unspecific to Qubes OS and you can search how to do this for Linux in general.

But which is the right option? I mean, I guess that it is the one with Xen (or not?). I certainly don’t want to brick the system :slight_smile:

You can just boot Qubes entry that should be the same as Qubes, with Xen hypervisor entry.
You can press e key and check the actual boot entry configuration. Mainly check that it has the latest kernel version.

Actually, after much tinkering and a couple of scares, I figured out that the Qubes option doesn’t really work (the menu, the qubes and pretty much anything besides the desktop doesn’t work). Also, I managed to get Grub Customizer to work (added to dom0, and then sudo’ed from the console), and managed to clean up the mess.
Thanks a lot for the pointers!