New Survey! 5-10 minutes of your time

Hello! This survey will only remain live for 14 days, so please take a few moments if you are so inclined, to let us know your thoughts on our work so far to design a new App Menu, specific to Qubes. Former users, new users, longtime users, technical users, and non-technical users; we would love to hear from as many folks who have or are currently using Qubes OS, as possible.

Thank you!
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Hi @deeplow! I responded to that post, with the below. Thank you for helping to get the word out! :slight_smile:

Hello, folks! We received feedback by users on Tor/Whonix, that our videos were not safely viewable to them. Some users just are not able to process video on their machines, at all. Likewise, that one of our questions simply did not work on Tor Browser because it depended upon Javascript. Finally, that we neglected to include questions to learn from our users dependent upon assistive devices. ALL of these things felt like critical blockers to us, so we updated our survey to better accommodate folks.

The videos are now hosted on the Qubes OS website server, and are WebM format (HTML5, no Javascript required). For folks unable to watch video at all, we have two photo galleries setup in GitHub Issues. Those have been tested in Tor and over Whonix connections, and thus far appear to work. We also created a section for users dependent on assistive devices, to learn more about those unique needs. Needs that are important for us to accommodate.

Thank you all for getting in touch with this important feedback, and for your patience. We will keep the survey open an extra week, and apologize for inconvenience to those wanting to participate. We are on a tight funder-imposed deadline to complete this work, and in future efforts will take more time to iron-out these issues, before deploying. :vulcan_salute:t2: :pray:t2:


@ninavizz is this still open or can I remove it from the forumโ€™s banner?

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