New Seagate usb hdd attached but inaccessible

New Seagate usb hdd to use for backups. Successfully attached to Personal vm according to Qubes. But after opening Personal: Files the drive isn’t showing up as an option in + Other Locations . In the Personal: Terminal entering lsusb shows the drive present on usb bus 002. I would prefer to access the drive via the gui if possible for backups. Looking in the Qubes Documentation hasn’t led to seeing anything promising. What am I missing please?

Some progress. But now a new puzzle. I connected an old sata hdd in a usb 3.0 external case, attached it to the Personal vm and was also not able to see this drive in the + Other window → until it magically appeared sometime after an hour later. I was then able to do a backup on this drive. So I then reattached the Seagate usb hdd, which I was originally trying to use for backups and let it sit for quite some time, after which this drive did appear as well for use. The refined original question now becomes, why the delay? It’s definitely a Qubes thing, as both drives are readily accessible on another box running linux mint.

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Try to open your HDD in sys-usb. It should work like on a regular Linux system. If it doesn’t or you can’t connect it to other qubes, it’s probably a bug like these:

USB device attach failed · Issue #5997 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

You might want to contribute your logs to an issue or create another one.

Thanks fsflover. I had a look at the links, but so far haven’t been able to figure the problem out. If I open Qubes Devices on the top menu, the plugged-in drive is listed at the bottom: sys-usb:3-6 - Seagate_Expansion_HDD, etc. If I highlight that line, vm’s including Personal appear in the submenu box, but no sys-usb. I seemingly can successfully attach the Seagate to the Personal vm, the sys-usb:3-6 line shows up in Bold and the progress notifications state that the drive has been attached to the Personal vm. But then, if I open Personal-files-and then click on +Other Locations, I don’t get the Seagate listed, where I’m expecting to see it.

After you attach the device to your personal qube using the Qubes Devices widget, what’s the output of qvm-block in dom0?

It should say that the device is attached to the personal qube as xvdi or similar. Perhaps the problem is that the storage device hasn’t been formatted with an appropriate filesystem or something. If the device is accessible from inside the personal qube, you could try formatting it with, e.g., mkfs.ext4. (Obviously don’t do this if there’s any data on it you care about, but you said it’s new, so it sounds like it’s already empty.)

Oops, didn’t read the subsequent updates about the time-delayed puzzle. I have no idea, sorry.

The HDD goes to sys-usb automatically, before you connect to anything else. It should appear in its filesystem immediately when you connect it. This VM accepts and isolates all USB devices; they should work in it like in a regular Linux distro.