New prebuilt templates - Arch, Ubuntu and Mint, for 4.0 and 4.1


I’ve recently uploaded some new pre-built templates for 4.0, and 4.1
An updated Arch Linux, Ubuntu Focal, and a new Mint (uma).

All my templates, packages and repositories, are signed with
my Qubes Signing key - you can get this from any key server. You
should check this against other sources -,
the Qubes-Users mailing list, GitHub,
maybe another key server over Tor.

You should do something like this, in a Fedora disposable - make sure
you have enough space in the qube you use to download.
Download the template you want from

Once you have downloaded and confirmed my “Qubes OS signing key”, add it to
your rpm keyring:
sudo rpm --import <downloaded_key>

Check the signature on the template:
rpm -K <Template_package_name>
If all is well you will see “digests signatures OK”

Once you are satisfied, install the Template.
To do this you will need to copy it to dom0.
In dom0, run:
qvm-run -p <disposable> 'cat <location of template_package>' > <template_package_name>

Then, in dom0, install:
sudo dnf install <template_package_name>

For example, if you have downloaded an Arch template in a qube called
downloader, and the file is in /home/user/Downloads:
qvm-run -p downloader 'cat /home/user/Downloads/qubes-template-archlinux-4.0.6-202109222348.noarch.rpm ' > arch.rpm
(You can name the package whatever you like in dom0.)

Then install with: sudo dnf install arch.rpm

I also provide repositories for Qubes packages for Arch and Ubuntu,
which are (fairly) regularly updated. Details at

If you need help, have issues, or find any problems, answer here.