New Category: HCL Reports?

Hi Qubians,

I thought it would be nice to have a category for HCL reports. I send an HCL report to today in the morning, but a) in my book Google is the enemy and b) I got an error response from them that they stripped the attach support files archive, but it went through to the list; whatever…

What you think?

Regards, qufo.

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It used to be that HCL reports were simply posted into qubes-users
group, but with an “HCL” prefix in the subject line. That made it easy
for me to find them.

But I think that an HCL tag is just as good, as long as it shows up in
email subject lines.

Hi tasket, in what category I should post it? General Discussion? I’m fine to post in whatever category you prefer, but I think it would be nice to have HCL reports in one place.

BTW: Could you check whether you can use the HCL Report that I send today? Subject: [qubes-users] HCL: Acer-Aspire_A515_43 AMD Ryzen 3

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I was looking into this just today. If we create a category for HCL Reports and the implications for HCL maintainers (@tasket and future ones). Here’s a quick summary:

  • They’ll also land on the inbox
    Subscribing the forum with mailing list mode would land HCL reports with the subject title:

    [Qubes OS Community Forum] [User Support/HCL Reports] ASUS Transformer book TP500LAB

  • HCL .yml Attachments
    People can now attach HCL .yml reports onto the forum (drag-and-drop on post editor) but when they get emailed, they are not sent as mail attachments. Intead they will look like this:

    Dell_Inc_-XPS_8920-20180228-144337.yml (1.1 KB)

  • Topic templates
    Just like with github issues, on the forum we can also have a topic template for HCL Repots. This structure may make it easier for people to remember things to mention

@adw Bringing you into the conversation

I wouldn’t consider that as a problem. The maintainer could simply setup a filter, no?

The [qubes-users] mails have attachments too, don’t they?

I like that idea, but how would I use qubes-hcl-report? I think a category would still be the best. A maintainer would setup a email filter for that category and from there he/she could then move the HCL reports into the Qubes-OS HCL list. I assume that’s the same procedure like working with the [qubes-users] mailing list. What do I miss?

What I was proposing was a category as well. Categories allow you to set a template text for posts.

You misread. The forum doesn’t send attachments. Instead it sends a download link.


Ah, right… Sorry for that

I think it’s mainly up to @tasket to decide whether this would be maintainable.

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Since I use email filter rules (which are flexible) I’m willing to try it.


I’ve configured the category and sent a test report Test HCL Report

Let us know if this worflow is not too disruptive. You should have received a report under the subject [Qubes Users Community Forum] [User Support / HCL Reports ] (or similar)