New beeping when logout?

I have been using Qubes for about a year now and just today my laptop began to make an audible beep when I select to logout from the OS to shut it off. Is this something new, it has never happened before so I am curious? I would like to turn it off if I can because it is pretty loud.

Does it happen even when audio is muted before you log out? If so, try running sudo rmmod pcspkr and then logging out. I’m not sure about the best way to make this permanent, though.

Edit: Fixed a typo. Thanks @oijawyuh

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I logged in to this forum to complain exactly of this loud beep sound that has returned to my laptop after the Dom0 update that I received today. I had this problems in previous iterations of Qubes. Is the command to fix this sudo rmmod pcsprk or sudo rmmod pcspkr (typo in pcspkr)? I had tried xset b off (that I found online) and it worked until I rebooted my laptop. Thank you for your help!

Thank you for the help! That seemed to work for now!

The problem of the annoying beeping sound returns on reboot. Both sudo rmmod pcspkr and xset b off only work during the session, and then the problem returns when I restart my computer. Is there a way to permanently stop the system beep?

Update: I tried the following command and it worked, including after reboot, to stop the annoying beep sound. In Dom0 Terminal: sudo echo "blacklist pcspkr" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/nobeep.conf
I’m including this solution here just in case some people, like in my case, were not able to solve this issue using the above instructions.


This seems to be a solid fix for me too! Thank you!

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@oijawyuh do you know if this was reported as a formal issue on the Qubes bug tracker? If not, it may be worth doing as possibly many other users can be affected.

I don’t know if this was reported, but I do know that his has been an on and off problem - goes and comes with Dom0 updates. My colleague for whom I installed Qubes now has the beep.