Network question

I have been having issues with my wifi connection until yesterday when a new icon appeared that said I was connected to eth0. It was a blue icon with two monitors. I immediately had a stable, fairly quick connection. When I booted back up today, I was back to intermittent and sometimes non-existent wifi. I am fairly sure this is not an ISP issue since the other devices that connect to the same network all work great. I tried to find eth0 in sys-net with ip addr and ifconfig but it does not show. I have wlan0, vif5.o, tun0, ens6 and lo. I would like to make the eth0 connection persistent but I have no idea what I did or how it connected in the first place. Also, I am wondering why it said I have an ethernet connection when I am connected to wifi with a usb adapter. My only guess is that it is an internal connection between VMs. If anyone can shed light on this I would appreciate it. I couldn’t find anything in the forum or in the Qubes documentation. Thank you.