Network-manager wont read openvpn conf file

I’ve spent hours on this and tried every guide. This is the main one:

When I go to select the .conf file I get the error:

Could not create new connection
the vpn plugin failed to import the vpn connection correctly: key file contains line “client” which is not a key-value pair, group, or comment

I also tried running: sudo openvpn update-resolv-conf from the directory its installed in and get: error opening configuration file

Please help!

Did you try this?

Thanks for the suggestion. I went through the entire thread and I didnt find a solution that works for me.
Thank you again.

We don’t know which version of Qubes you are using, how exactly you created vpn qube, what exactly means that you “didnt find a solution that works” for you on a thread @fsflover referred to, etc…

I resolved it. Thank you. The only thing it seems like I changed was using a ucp connection instead of a tcp.