Network in AppVM based on Minimal Templates


I’ve only found 1 reddit post about it ,and the solution was deleted. I’d like to create a qube for thunderbird. I’ve thought because i only need the Thunderbird package, i will go with a qube based on a minimal template. Unfortunately by default there is no internet (it is connected to the sys-firewall) on a qube based on a minimal template. How can i make net on a minimal qube?

Thanks any help!

Hi @onequbesuser,

Have you read the documentation yet? The answer is there :wink:

Spefically on the distro-specific notes.

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Yeah i’ve read the documentation. Which part of it contains what i need? The Distro-specific notes? I can’t really tell which one is needed for me…

I remember having this problem, even after reading the docs… twice. :slight_smile:
hint: install qubes-core-agent-networking in the minimal template.

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Thanks! It’s not just me at least. It is really not so clear. I’ve read it at least 3 or 4 times to figure out which package is needed for me. I thought these packages were just for making any sys-* type VM based on minimal template. Do i need the the iproute package too or qubes-core-agent-networking is enough?


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Haha. Sorry for making you look. If there is anything in the documentation that doesn’t seem clear enough, you can always improve them :slight_smile: .