Network Connection Works For a Day, Then Fails for Updates

When i install Qubes from scratch, I am able to do updates through the update module or in the templates if I try to install something there (sudo apt install [app])

At a certain point, my system no longer works when doing updates. I get repeated errors when trying to connect to and tinyproxy. I have no idea what is causing it, and I’ve reinstalled qubes about 5 times in the past week. It always works for a day, then the error comes back. I have a guess it has something to do with using my USB port, but this is only a guess.

what error that

no, this related to network

the usb is running through a dispoable sys-net

it may be corrupting it somehow

i know you are trying to help, but i think you may be somewhat new to qubes

where is sven to tell me i’m wrong? he knows much more than i do


can you say it again, then i’ll ask mod to delete my acc, because if i new to qubes, i think i should switch back to linux



guess it has something to do with using my USB port

How do you connect to the network? Build-in Ethernet or WiFi (PCI devices assigned to sys-net) or USB-Ethernet / USB-WiFi adapter?

the USB is running through a disposable sys-net

Please clarify.

What changes are you making after installing Qubes OS?

e.g. disposable sys-net