Network connection editing in sys-net not working

I created sys-net using debian-12-minimal. I installed all the packages listed in the qubes documentation.

It generally works but I am not able to persist any changes I make in the network applet. For e.g. I had to set up a manual IP address. After I make the changes in the network applet and save it, nothing happens. I open the network applet and my changes are gone. Similar result for any other changes like changing MTU or cloned address. I looked into the journalctl output for NetworkManager and could see that the connection update does not persist due to Insufficient privileges. Any idea what should I do to make this work?

sys-net NetworkManager[<pid>]: <info>  [xxxxxxxx] audit: op="connection-update" uuid="<uuid>" name="Wired connection 1" pid=<pid> uid=1000 result="fail" reason="Insufficient privileges"

Run nm-connection-editor from root terminal.

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