Network and reboot problems on NV41


I get problems with NV41 from NovaCustom. Sure, I can send it back for service, but I want to check here first. Maybe somebody has an Idea and a solution is simple.

OS: QubesOS 4.2.1
Kernel: 6.6.29-1.fc37

I made a fresh install after I bought the laptop and recovered my backup VMs. There was no sys-net or dom0, so as I understand no relevant system or network settings.


  1. If I click reboot, the system gets dark and after some short time I get full powered Fans running and nothing else happens, so I must do a hard reset.

  2. If I go to suspend, sometimes I get no internet connection after that. I could not really reproduce the behavior. It seems to be rather random.



did you try to update the firmware? I remember having an issue with an old firmware version, rebooting was not working although shutdown and power up again was working fine.

what is your network card? With the atheros one, I also had network issues sometimes after a suspend, restarting sys-net was solving it. Firmware update also fixed it.

I have the latest Heads version 0.9.0 or is there some other firmware layer which I can update?

Intel Alder Lake-P PCH CNVi WiFi
Realtek Semiconductor RTL 8111/8168/8411

That’s strange because the Laptop is “certified hardware” for QubesOS, so I wonder, why I have these problems. And I can not imagine, how I could make something wrong on installing Qubes or recovering the backup VMs (as I said, no dom0 and sys-net).

nobody had such issue with this laptop?

you should ask NovaCustom about this, this is not normal.