Network access for Flatpak apps

In R4.2 with a Fedora XFCE based template, I followed @solene 's Flatpak integration in Qubes OS templates guide. The flatpaks install and update fine.

My issue is with the lack of network access for some of the packages. For example, if I have an SFTP connection to a server in Thunar (not a Flatpak), and I want to try the text editor SciTE. Unfortunately, this text editor can’t see the network, so I can’t use it to edit files on the server. Another example, Meld. I want to use it to compare the files on my server with the files on my local Qube. But it doesn’t work. I simply can’t work on files outside the AppVM. The list goes on, with other text editors like VSCodium.

I’m stuck with Mousepad as a text editor, and I was hoping to try some other editors via Flatpaks, but the network access issue has me stumped.

I found a hack to circumvent that issue, but it’s not ideal.

There is not gvfs integration for most flatpak programs (except GNOME’s), and gvfs is the thing responsible for mounting remote storage in userspace.

flatpak override --user --filesystem=/var/run/user/1000/gvfs/ org.scintilla.SciTE

Now, you should be able to browse the sftp server you opened in nautilus by browsing /var/run/user/1000/gvfs/ from SciTE.

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