netVM: leave it on default or tweak it?

Hi dear Qubes community, I am having a question about netVM.
When viewing the global settings, netVM is on sys-firewall, by default. I was asking myself if i should leave it like that or tweak it.
By some, i was told to leave it on sys-firewall, another one has adviced to set it to sys-net or to (none).
the Qubes documentation on “Data leaks” says the following:

Both Qubes firewall and an empty NetVM (i.e., setting the NetVM of an app qube to “none”) can fully protect against leaks of type 3 [Unintentional leaks].

Regarding this topic I’d also want to add the thought of the more I tweak, the more it could increase my fingerprint (if it does at all?) because most people probably leave most things on default. I don’t want to stand out due to any tweaked settings.
Not sure about it tho, I don’t know if it is visible / relevant for my fingerprint