Nesting Templates, or a better solution?

The Problem:
I have a Fedora Template that I use for all Qubes that run Fedora. I want to install some software on one of the Qubes, and I am not totally sure it is safe or virus free. Normally, I would install software to the template, but because I cannot verify the safety of the software - I do not want to install it on the template because it could infect many Qubes. I could clone the template, but that would involve cloning everything from that template for one program, which is not space efficient.

My Question:
Is it possible to make a template of a template? Can I make a template that inherits it’s software from another template, that way I do not need to outright copy the whole template, and can simply add this questionable software to the template, template?

This would solve my issues of having potentially questionable software distributed to all my fedora Qubes, and does not require a total copy of the existing template.

Thoughts? Is there a better way to do this?

Install the software to the persistent directory of a regular AppVM.
If the software doesn’t allow that, you may consider bind dirs (google Qubes bind dirs).

Otherwise cloning the template is the best choice.

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