Neovim Clipboard Support

Hello, vim and neovim on my system seem to lack the ability to communicate with the qubes-clipboard which significantly hinders my workflow whenever I have to paste information. IMO my solution lies in a custom clipboard configuration, however upon looking through the documentation I find no mention of command line copy and paste options of this ilk and I can’t read src well enough to implement this. Any suggestions / solutions are highly appreciated.

You could adjust the global clipboard (“secure copy and paste keyboard”) shortcuts in /etc/qubes/guid.conf to your liking.

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checking it out now :+1:
it looks like this is an unused config feature: file header:


anymore, and is left here for reference only. To configure the GUI daemon,

use qvm-features (see ‘man qvm-features’ for details)

this option seems to be what you referenced and would be external to the process of hooking a vms internal clipboard up given the app would hook to the vms clipboard not the global clipboard, I might be able to poke around and find a file path for the vm’s clipboard. If that is how any of this works that is anyway.

qvm-features dom0 gui-default-secure-copy-sequence 'Mod4-c'
qvm-features dom0 gui-default-secure-paste-sequence 'Mod4-v'

Maybe you already know that, but I think that you need a vim/neovim plugin so that yanking/pasting merges with the system-wide (vm) clipboard. Otherwise it’s using a vim-specific clipboard. Then you can use shift+ctrl+C, shift+ctrl+V as normal to copy between VMs.

As far as I remember, LazyVim works out of the box if that’s an option.


It would be useful if you explained how it is that you are using vim,
what you want to happen, and what terminal emulator you are using.
“command line copy and paste” is somewhat unclear.
The reason is that this likely depends on DE,TE, and vim version.

The vim version shipped with debian does not have clipboard support - check
:echo has('clipboard')
But you can still have some copy/paste by using features in the terminal,
eg setting Xterm*selectToClipboard:true, then selection in xterm uses the
standard clipboard.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum I speak for myself.

I’m using xfce terminal with
NVIM v0.10.0-dev-2982+gea1c9f60e
Build type: RelWithDebInfo
LuaJIT 2.1.1713484068
basically default Nvchad config,
When i use tmux I can copy and paste without configuring clipboard integration options. :kissing_smiling_eyes: