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I have been working on a number of improvements to the Qubes-OS website. All of the solutions (design & content) have been created and are viewable in Figma. Now we just need some help getting them coded and pushed into PRs. Nothing fancy. Just a few things outside mine and Andrew’s skillsets—and it would help us out tremendously, for someone with actual webdev skills to do these in 1/10th the amount of time it would take either of us to do them.

The goals with the improvements have been mostly to improve discoverability of content for ppl viewing the page from a web browser (vs a MD reader in a Terminal app). A secondary goal, is to help lift the visibility of paid enterprise support for Qubes via ITL… so that the team can make money. The third goal, is that through improved discoverability of support content and up-front explaining FOSS/community support concepts to non-FOSS folk, the amount of direct emails received by the team for basic questions, can be reduced/eliminated.

If you have thoughts on these goals or the proposed solutions, please share in the issue in GH.

This post, is to solicit help with getting it all live. Our first priority, is getting a Help page together and live. Our second priority, is creating a Contact Us page—and then modifying the “Team” page to remove general content. None of what we need involves gnarly skills; just minor customization of two Bootstrap widgets (Accordion and Navbar), our existing CSS, and creating the pages.

Longer-term priorities include updating the site’s navigation to include sub-nav menus—which will also require implementing minor design updates, too—adding a “Copy text” cleartext field in the footer for the .onion address, tweeking the footer’s layout, and replacing all font awesome icons with PNG files. All, for reasons outlined in the issue.

Thanks in advance for considering, and to all the Qubes OS project volunteers who make this project and support community wonderful. :slight_smile:

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Just got Yet Another long email from a person who’s not technical and has no FOSS background, yet wants to use Qubes because of its security properties. Is very confused by the availability/discoverability of information on the website and in the docs, as it is, today. For developers, it’s all very well done and makes a lot of sense. For folx new to FOSS, not so much.

Folks like this and the core team receiving those emails, is the motivation for many of the proposed changes. I really do want to learn how to make web changes, myself, but also just don’t have the (many) hours to do that right now. Would love any help we could get!

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It would be great to raise enterprise awareness. For this (IMHO) it should be made clear where Qubes currently stands wrt enterprise expectations (eg. centralized administration, which is a must for many security-concious corporations). That would probably include what’s already there, what’s planned short-term, what the team would like to achieve if the money was there (for varying amounts of financing).

This remark comes from discussion with people around me, who work in the security field and are aware about Qubes existence, but still don’t have a clear view of what to expect from it today.