Need Qubes 4.1 RAID configuration help

Previously with 4.0, when installing Qubes I used Anaconda’s interface to set up RAID1 and it was very simple.
But in Qubes 4.1 they changed the partition scheme by separating “qubes_dom0-root”, which has a mount point, and “qubes_dom0-vm-pool” which does not have a mount point.
And so now Anaconda throws a fit if I try to change “qubes_dom0-vm-pool” into a RAID configuration, because it apparently doesn’t allow volumes without a mount point.

So I guess I need to do this manually, but I’m at a loss at how to approach this.
First, this a sequence of operations that Anaconda would’ve done in my configuration:

create device – partition --------- sdb1
create format – software RAID --------- sdb1
create device – partition --------- sdb2
create format – software RAID --------- sdb2
create device – partition --------- sda1
create format – software RAID --------- sda1
create device – mdarray --------- MDRAIDset(mirror)(pv00)
create format – LUKS --------- MDRAIDset(mirror)(pv00)
create device – luks(dm-crypt) --------- luks-pv00
create format – physical volume (LVM) --------- luks-pv00
create device – lvmvg --------- qubes_dom0
create device – lvmthinpool --------- qubes_dom0-root-pool
create format – ext4 --------- qubes_dom0-root-pool
create device – lvmthinlv --------- qubes_dom0-root
create format – ext4 --------- qubes_dom0-root ------ /
create device – lvmthinpool --------- qubes_dom0-vm-pool
create device – lvmlv --------- qubes_dom0-swap
create format – swap --------- qubes_dom0-swap
create format – ext4 --------- qubes_dom0-vm-pool
create device – partition --------- sda2
create format – software RAID --------- sda2
create device – mdarray --------- MDRAIDset(mirror)(boot)
create format – ext4 --------- MDRAIDset(mirror)(boot) ------ /boot

Now I need some help with turning this sequence of actions into a sequence of commands that I would need to execute.
First question is about the relative size of volumes, because Anaconda determined this automatically. I have two 1TB ssd’s, and Anaconda distributed available space like this:

Total space - 1.75TiB

vm-pool - 765.85GiB
root - 20GiB
swap - 3.94GiB

boot - 1023MiB
left available - 2.67MiB

Now what are my actions? Even if I do create this partition scheme from the command line, how can I make Anaconda to recognize it so that I can proceed with installation? This is too confusing for me.