Need help with selective upgrading dom0

Hello. At this moment, I use QubesOS 4.1 RC2 without any updates in dom0.
Few days ago I used RC2 with updates, but I have some problems after latest updates. The gui-domain was broken in Windows VM (when I press ALT + F11, window of Windows VM is disappear.

And booting any qube from cd-rom doesn’t work.

I installed RC3, and bug in gui-domain is remain. Booting from cd-rom is working without updates, but after installing updates it’s doesn’t work

I can’t work in Windows without fullscreen-mode, so I return to RC2. All great, but booting from cd-rom doesn’t work. I need to install bsd from cd-rom (for networking) and I need to fix problem without breaking something.
I seen package list on , but I don’t understand which package controls booting from cd-rom.

So, I need info which packages controls gui-domain and booting from cd-rom to exclude it from upgrade and try to install not latest versions after upgrading other packages.

And I need help with dnf syntax for excluding packages and installing specific version.

Sometimes my English can be broken, I’m sorry.

The fullscreen defect is a known problem, reported to qubes-issues. @marmarek has it in his queue.

The boot cdrom issue I haven’t heard of. If it’s not alread reported to qubes-issue on github, i’d recommend doing so.