Need help with gpu passtrough

  • xen is 4.17.2-8
  • amd 6700 XT

followed this guide and got to this point Create a Gaming HVM

I created a standalone from the standard fedora-38-xfce vm and did

sudo dnf install @base-x gnome-shell 

I can start and restart the VM with no issues but I don’t get any display output at all. Sometimes the GPU fans spin up and my monitor flashes (detects something over HDMI).

The only way I can access the VM is over Qubes-Manager → open console in qube (Nothing starts on my primary display anymore)

Then I get a constant loop of error messages and when I login as the user and try to run xrandr or gnome-shell I only get the error message “can’t open display”.

sudo dmesg gives me drm timeout errors.

But I can’t really type anything because my terminal gets flooded with errors.

I don’t know how I should proceed/debug from here. Or if I forgot something (I followed the guide exactly up until the point I marked).

Actually I have no idea what to do after attaching the GPU to the vm. How can I can/should I configure everything after that. I am not even sure why nothing from the vm gets displayed on my primary monitor anymore and if it’s even supposed to do that.

Got it working

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