Need help installing Ledger live app

Hello there,

New to linux and new to Qubes OS.

Ive just installed Qubes OS on a laptop (thinkpad) and trying to get the hang of it. Love the challenge, but its very different to what I am used to :).

I want to create a own qubes for my nano ledger live, from my understanding the AppVM is the safest way to go?

Ill get it working with the AppImage, but i cant “install” it to the system. From what ive found out I need to install a AppImageLauncer, but I cant get it to work. Any tips for a newbie?

You should be able to simply put the AppImage in your app qube, then run/execute the AppImage in that app qube. No need to install it “further” than that, unless you really want to for some reason (I wouldn’t know how).

I’m using it. Just copy the AppImage over to the home directory somewhere on the AppVM. You can then open it as normal. You can also create a launcher for Ledger live by opening the template for that AppVM and creating a desktop launcher in /usr/share/applications/ . If you don’t know how, just copy one of the others over and change the details to point at Ledger live. Shutdown the template vm and go to AppVM settings → Applications and refresh the applications to see Ledger live.