Nautilus Won't Automount EXT4 Partition With Read-Write Permissions

Up to now, I’ve been using Files to automount my data drive (NTFS filesystem) since it’s quicker and automatically grants the user all permissions. I’m wanting to transfer my data to another drive with an EXT4 filesystem. However that drive is automounted under root for some reason. I have to chgrp/chown to gain full access. Any idea way? I’ve never had this happen with any other storage block device.

If I remember well I handled some similar issue by starting a Live USB of Tails/Kali (I don’t remember which one, even maybe PureOS) and then mounting the disk from there. Then you can sudo from the live system to the HD.

This is the default Unix way to mount drives. It’s a multi-user system, root owns the drive and grants other users access, typically something along the lines of each user gets a directory with full control.

You can control the mount permissions with the options like uid and gid, or just create a directory inside and mount point and give chown/chgrp access to your user.