NAS vs USB drive r/w speeds?

I have boat loads of data to move around. I’ve been piping it from external drives thru sys-usb.
So far, no matter the speed of the drive, the best I can get thru that pipe is 198 MB/s.

I’m hoping a NAS device might be faster.

NAS users, what kind of r/w benchmarks are you getting compared to the device’s potential?

I get around 110 MB/s from my NAS, but I only got 1 gbps networking.

You need to have 2.5 gbps or better if you want more than 200 MB/s.


What’s the r/w specs on the NAS?
Are you finding faster r/w connecting to another os?

8 bay synology, 6xHHD with 2xSSD rw cache

I have not noticed any difference between qubes and other os, 125 MB/s is the max you can get with 1 gbps.

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“Up to 113,458 4K random read IOPS and 2312 MB/s sequential write
speeds1 for demanding workloads”

1/20 the potential because of the networking constraint.

Not doable for this application. Okay, short of internal HDs, can you see anyway to approach 2K MB/s r/w speeds while running Qubes?

I don’t know if that is possible, but I doubt it.

Maybe the LUKS encryption becomes the bottleneck if you are looking for that kind of speed.