‘Name already in use’ error

I hope you all are able to see the links. Let me know otherwise. First off I’m a complete noob to all of this so please forgive me I’m trying my best to learn everything. So I’m trying to reinstall qubes.


I selected the disk, checked “I would like to make additional space available”, then clicked done. On the tab that pop up here…


I tried all possible selection shown to delete and reclaim and still got the error as shown in the first Imgur (name already in use). Anyone know how to get pass this? If not, can a portable SSD be a reliable option?

It seems that installer activates the old Qubes LVM and so installer can’t delete the partitions because they’re in use.
You can try to enter terminal in installer with Alt+F2 and deactivate LVM with:
vgchange -an qubes_dom0
And switch back to installer GUI with Alt+F6 or Alt+F7. Then try to reclaim space.
If it still won’t work then try to wipe the disk filesystem before booting installer.
If you’re in installer then enter terminal and run these commands:
Assuming /dev/sda is your drive to be wiped that you want to use to install Qubes on

vgchange -an qubes_dom0
wipefs -a /dev/sda

Then reboot and once you boot installer again you’ll be able to use the disk.