My Wi-Fi network is greyed out, other Wi-Fi networks are OK


I usually use ethernet for networking, but now I had to use Wi-Fi for internet connection. So I wanted to select my own Wi-Fi SSID, but it was greyed out, I couldn’t click on that to enter password. Nearby Wi-Fi networks are clickable, I can enter passwords for them.

Authentication method is WPA2-Personal, my laptop supports that. No restrictions are set up on the router. Other devices (phones, laptops) can connect to that specific network with no issues. What can be the problem here?

It is possible that your saved network connections are conflicting with your Wi-Fi SSID. Right-click Network Connections, then select “Edit Connections…”, then remove any conflicting connections sharing the Wi-Fi SSID. After doing so, try connecting to it again.

Also it doesn’t look like a Qubes-related question, since your sys-net (by default) runs Fedora, which manages all WiFi connections. You should be able to find answers on Fedora forums for that.

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