My summary page spins forever and never finishes loading

I’m trying to load this page:

It just spins forever and never loads.

The strange thing is that other people’s user summary pages load just fine. For example:

Loads fine.

For what is worth, I can see you summary page just fine @adw. There is a spinner for a couple of seconds, then your activity is displayed the way I’d expect.

Same here. But I’ve seen it in the past – not for a particular user but for the whole forum itself. In those cases I’d say a cache refresh would solve it ctrl + r .

Unfortunately, a hard refresh didn’t help.

then maybe right-click » inspect element » network tab » refresh the page and see if anything is getting blocked.

Ah, good idea. Yes, it turns out that is getting blocked! But I’m not sure why. It even happens in a browser with no extensions installed. Might be a Chrome setting, but none seem obvious for this. Still happens with all cookies, JS, and images allowed.

Seems like this only started after the migration to, but I’m not certain.

Weird. I don’t know how else I can help, unfortunately. If you need to change you settings you probably still can via the direct URL

Hi @adw,
I checked and I got the spin forever also.
I used the Firefox dev tools (F12) and saw in the network tab that adw.json blocked by the uBlock Origin extension.
If I disabled the extension for your page, then the page displayed.

Try to get your adw.json file and inspect it.

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There is an EasyList rule that blocks any URL that ends with /adw.:


Move the forum to one of the above domains and it’ll work!

Or create a static filter to allow:

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Omg. Lol :laughing:. Thanks for the investigation @icequbes1

I think everyone missed this part:

But now I see that there are actually two independent problems. In the qube in which my browser is logged into the forum and an ad blocker is running, the problem is the one described by @icequbes1.

However, in a disposable with a fresh browser and no browser extensions installed, there’s some different problem that’s still undiagnosed. For some reason, trying to visit my summary page in a fresh browser with no extensions redirects back to, but it’s completely blank. Strangely, when I try @deeplow’s summary page in the same browser, it says, “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private,” which is what I would expect.

I actually encountered the problem @icequbes1 mentioned years ago in a different context, so I was already familiar with it, but the fact that the same problem seemed to also occur in a browser without an ad blocker caused me to discount that diagnosis.

Perhaps my profile is simply cursed. :laughing:

Thanks, all.

We’ve disabled profiles for anonymous viewers. The behavior I’m getting on Tor Browser (what I normally use) is redirecting to the homepage and show a login prompt.

Better have you profile cursed than your computer :wink: However in this case I think it’s something specific to your computer. I’m not being able to reproduce any of it. Perhaps try on a dispVM?

That’s what I already did:

I’m beginning to feel like people reply to my messages without reading them…

Whoops. Sorry :confused: I missed that. I’m out of ideas, then.

No worries. I’m fine with the current state of things and am happy to consider the matter closed. Thanks for your help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@adw, in this case it’s not you…but @deeplow.

I assume @deeplow is sneaky like me and has the public profile hidden option checked (Preferences/Interface/Hide my public profile and presence features)…whereas all the other admins (including michael, communiteq) do not.

If you are an admin with public profile hidden:

  1. Logged-out user sees a 404 “Oops, page does not exist”.
  2. Logged-in user sees “This user’s public profile is hidden”.

If you are an admin with public profile not hidden:

  1. javascript makes it appear to redirect to, but the javascript doesn’t work and yields an empty page for logged out users
  2. javascript works for logged in users and redirects to /u/[username]/summary and shows stats.

@adw, don’t worry. You might be fine with the current state of things and should probably consider the matter closed…

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