My Rice for AwesomeWM

I have riced the Awesome Window Manager:

Feel free to copy this code from this Github repo: GitHub - lorenzohess/qubes-awesomewm-rice: My rice of AwesomeWM for Qubes OS.. I’m not sure how I’d be able to license this. I’ve included the sharedtags library (MIT) and some modified AwesomeWM code (GNU GPL v2) – does this mean I have to pick GPL v2 or higher?

As written in the README, I’ve made these changes to the standard Qubes AwesomeWM install:

  1. Split rc.lua into 11 separate files for ease of use and more accessible auditing.
  2. Make tasklist client buttons reflect clients’ Qubes titlebar colors
  3. Programatically increase contrast between titlebar font and titlebar color
  4. Improve and add widgets, some specific to Qubes OS.
  5. Add the tiny sharedtags library to share tags over multiple screens.

There are no complex, bloated widgets and every modified Awesome widget is kept nearly identical to its original.

Hope you enjoy this! I’d welcome feedback on design and security implications.

Edit: screenshots of the Qubes menu, calendar popup, and system widget popup.

calendar system-menu


Looks really great! Thank you for sharing.

Programatically increase contrast between titlebar font and titlebar color

The black about xfce window is not easy readable.

Slight off-topic for this forum, I’ll keep it short!

The MIT license is said to be “compatible” with the GPL (source). That means that you can re-license code that was MIT licensed under the GPL. (As long as you retain the original copyright statements in addition to your own—that is true for the GPL as well.)

The GPL requires derived code to be released under the same license when you distribute it.

If the original AwesomeVM code is licensed under the GPL v2, and you added some MIT-licensed code as part of your modifications, then licensing the result under the GPL v2 is possible and correct. :+1: (I am not sure about GPL v2 or higher, if the original is GPL v2, I believe you must keep GPL v2.)

Again, don’t forget to keep all the original copyright statements in addition to your own!

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what do you have in the
And I am also interested for the dmenu scripts:,, …
The toggle triple monitor setup is what?

Your config is the best what I have seen so far, and I would like to replicate it.
My Awesome is basic and few things I got from this: