My Qubes OS 4.0 got hacked after tweeting that Russia will lose the war

On March 22, while using disposable: Whonix-ws-15-dvm tor to browse Twitter, my Qubes OS got hacked. This happened right after I had posted 2 Tweets replies, writing that Russia will lose Ukraine war. The perpetrators are purportedly Russia’s and Vietnam’s state-backed hackers because, back in 2019, I discovered a Russian & Vietnamese cooperative disinformation campaign against some countries, two of which are Turkey and Japan, and then reported to relevant countries. That caused a certain damage to Russia and Vietnam and they have cyber-spied on me ever since. Even going to internet cafe shops in hope of evading their cyber-espionage, computers that I sit at still get cyber-spied on. How they can detect me in various internet shops is unknown, but it might be related to machine learning.

As Qubes OS is relatively difficult to use and doesn’t provide the security as expected, I have switched to Kali Linux. Of course, Kali Linux has still got hacked. Therefore, I suspect that Edward Snowden might have his Qubes OS hacked and cyber-spied on without realizing it.

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