My laptop discharges even when connected to a charger; restarting it fixes the issue

TLDR: My laptop Razer Book 13 discharges even when connected to a charger; restarting it fixes the issue.

I’m not certain when this issue began, but I’ve observed the following behavior:

  1. Occasionally, the battery starts discharging while connected to the charger. Although the display indicates that it’s charging, the battery actually continues to drain until the laptop shuts down. Initially, the display might show that it needs 2 hours to fully charge, but this time gradually increases to 4 hours, and eventually to 16 hours.
  2. If I restart the laptop and wait about 5 minutes, it begins to charge without any issues and completes charging in approximately 1 hour, as expected.
  3. I’ve noticed that this issue occurs when the laptop becomes hot. This overheating seems to be specifically related to using QubeOS, as I don’t experience this heat issue before Ubuntu or Windows. It’s understandable and no problem for me.
  4. I discovered a workaround: when I notice the laptop is hot and discharging, I expose it directly to an air conditioner’s flow, which cools it down quickly. After cooling, the laptop resumes charging normally, indicating around 1 hour to full charge.
  5. However, during a 2-hour meeting yesterday Microsoft Teams (first time I used it and it was web), the laptop got hot. I attempted to cool it with the air conditioner, but it continued to discharge and eventually shut down. After waiting for 10 minutes and restarting, the laptop was at 10% charge and then charged at a normal rate.

Yesterday’s experience (5) was for me like the final point to tolerate it.

Could you try on a Linux LiveCD? I don’t think it’s Qubes OS related.

Thank you for the response! I will try it on weekends.

I am suspecting QubeOS because restart fixes it. Just for my information which layer hypothetically can be responsible? I mean BIOS, hardware drivers, Xen , OS? I don’t have knowledge in this field

I got a pretty similar issue on a Lenovo X1 Gen 9, it was discharging while connected to AC, it was an hardware issue though and well known on this model, the usb-c ports were dying very often.

The fact that a reboot fixes your problem puzzles me a bit. Maybe it’s just overheating and this creates issues in the hardware :woman_shrugging: