My laptop crash during disk decryption

I just change my 1 X 8gb RAM for 2 X 16gb.
It work fine but Qubes freeze during a whonix update, so i have to force a shutdown.

When i try to decrypt my disk it crash like on the picture.

i try 3 time and the third time work and i was able to open qubes.

But it make me scared of random crash,freeze …etc

Do you have an idea of what happened ?


PS: it freeze again and shut down this time. I just can’t use the laptop.

Press <esc> when it prompts for the password - that should give you a text console, so you can follow the boot process - and if it fails at the ‘starting Qube XXX’, you can edit the boot, to disable autostart of the Qubes:

that should give you a running dom0 and enable some debugging.

I do it but the disk decryption just work now…
It just freeze randomly when i use qubes.

The new memory could be the reason why you are crashing, did you do a memtest after the upgrade?

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I find the probleme,
it was my pc that have one ram slot half-dead.
I do some memtest and find that the memtest don’t crash if i just use one of both slot with 8 or 16go.

So i can’t have 32go one this pc but it work fine for me now.

Thanks for your help !


Great. Mark his post as a solution so it could help others, please.

Like this ?
If i can make more say me,
If it can help !

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Did you try both ram modules in the slot that is working?

If one of the modules are bad, and you just bought them, you should be able to get a replacement on the warranty.

Both modules are fine it’s juste my ram slot.
But i can have a refund on the one that i can’t use so all is fine.