My hardware meets the minimum, even the recommended, requirements of the Qubes OS. Why Johnny can’t install Qubes OS?!

My hardware checks all the boxes mentioned in the Qubes website. It meets the minimum requirements as well the recommended requirements.

Laptop, no peripheras connected, Intel Core i5, Intel integrated graphics (no discrete graphics), full virtualization support with Intel VT-x with EPT and Intel VT-d, UEFi bios, 16GB DDD4 RAM, fast SSD storage . I Disable secure boot and hyper threading in bios.

This hardware checks all boxes in the hardware requirements. But the installation still is stuck early on in installation.

I flashed the USB drive using the dd command mentioned in the Qubes website. The hashes didn’t check a few times, until finally, I got a live USB whose content are same as those in the image ISO file checked by “diff -r” command. So the USB should be OK.

The installation starts and gives me a few options, defaulting to “Test the media and install Qubes”. After I select this, it advances a bit then is stuck in a message “ reached target basic system”.

I also selected other options, like “troubleshoot and install” or “Use latest kernel”. Depending on which option I choose, and which BIOS settings I enable, the installer progress a bit more or less, but is stuck at some point. The expected GUI windows never show up. The current last message is

nvme: I/O 5 QID 0 timeout, completion, polled

What am I missing with this beast of OS?strong text

Try to disable RAID for your disk in BIOS if you have it enabled.

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Oh, sir, that solved the problem!! I had spent a lot of time tuning bios settings with no luck.

I got into the GUI, disabling the RAID!

Thanks a lot! Let’s see if I have luck with this beast :slight_smile:

Reporting back that it has been installed following the above suggestion by @disp6252

Thanks for reporting back @Eli! There is also a standard eay to do it: you can mark any post as the “solution”, which will make it appear near the top of the thread automatically :slightly_smiling_face:

I did it in this case so you can see the result, but you instinct of reporting back was right! Pointing to the solution makes it easier for folks with the same question to find the answer.