My appvm's are based on Fedora 39-xfce template but why are my appvm's based on fedora37 ".fc37" kernels?

Have a question about the installed and running kernels on Qubes VM and Dom0. I’m confused and need some assistance to understand how to fix this issue if there is one.

I few months ago i updated fedora template to fedora39 from fedora37 and since then I notice whenever doing updates it downloads kernels based on fedora39. However the running kernel in the appvms are based on kernals from fc37. Should it be using kernels from fc39? Is this normal and why? or was my update to fedora39 template broken?

I also noticed that Dom0 is on fedora37 too. Shouldn’t it be updated to fedora39 ?

Qubes are using kernel provided by dom0 by default:

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qubes get their kernel from dom0, that’s the default behavior when using the “PVH” virtualization mode. The distribution kernels will still be downloaded and updated, but they won’t be used unless you switch to “HVM” and select “provided by qube” in the qube advanced settings.

About dom0 being on fedora 37, it’s not an issue.

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It all makes sense now. Thanks for the detailed answers and your time. I hope you all have a nice day.