MVT on Qubes - Pegasus checking tool

we have seen recently about pegasus and there is a tools that it says can detect Pegasus, available on GitHub but it is difficult to use—especially if you aren’t very technical(im one), and to run it on qubes gets a little bit more hard, so does anyone here had successfully run this tool, if so, can describe here how did it?

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I have not yet but I would postulate that the easiest route to success would be to generate a dump of the phone filesystem and put that in the Qube. Then install docker in the Qube and run the tools from the docker image

If you cannot dump the phone filesystem (eg, no root access) then using USB may help, but Qubes passthrough is a little flakey when it comes to debugging phones. You may want to look into, paying attention to “finding the right usb controller”

As an aside, if you have a genuine concern that your phone may be targeted by remote 0days by orgs such as NSO then you may want to look into some of the benefits of TheStingers GrapheneOS.