Multiple ISOs or removing and attaching a new one to the same device?

I’m trying to add ISO files to the boot, and it’s not allowing me to add more than 1 CDROM image.
Nor can I have one to boot to, then remove and add the next ISO to the same device, just like ejecting and replacing the media in the drive like you would do in the past with a real BR/DVD/CDROM.

What can I do here please? this is very frustrating.

I should also add, when trying to boot, it is always telling me " ‘dom0’ doesn’t expose device ‘/path/to/image.iso’ " which is very very very annoying to not be able to attach an ISO image.

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You can try to attach your ISOs as block devices.
Make ISO available as block device in your VM with ISO:

sudo losetup -f image.iso

Then this ISO will be available in Qubes Devices widget and you can attach it to another qube if it has Xen block device drivers.

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Thing is, in earlier versions of Qubes, it did work…
So who tried to fix something that was not broken?

Thanks for informing me.

I’ll have a look at how you say to do it.

Thing is, detatching the device then attaching a new one means it removes the device, not just the media. that causes massive issues because it won’t see the new media because it won’t install the new device at that time.

But since I can’t attach more than one device, it won’t work anyway unfortunately.