Multi Nic / Multi Route Question

So, im looking for assistance on setting up a multi nic / multi route path setup in Qubes 4.1. My hope is, i can run normal qubes through the default sys-firewall / sys-net, and the sys-net has one of my NICs tied to it. I would then like to setup a Windows 10 standalone image (already created), and tie a different NIC to that VM, and push that through a different router / firewall. the win10 system would be for business, and it would direct connect to a Meraki AutoVPN to my company’s LAN, the rest of the Qubes environment would go direct out my normal internet, thus segretating them. Is this possible? i tried attaching the NIC directly to the Win10 VM, had no network. I then copied the sys-firewall / sys-net, renamed the copies and then set them up to work with the Win10 system (win 10 looks to win10firewall, win10firewall looks to win10net, and win10net had the NIC that is direct connected to my other router.

Any help is appreciated.

separate nic is possible.
and no idea with the question, i’m not familiar with windows in qubes.

If I understand you correctly, there should be no problem in what you
are trying to do.
It is possible.
You could connect the NIC directly to the Win10 qube, and provided you
have the right drivers installed, this should appear as a configurable
device in the qube.
Since you have not said in what way you “had no network”, I cant help much
further. You need to give more, and detailed, information, as to
whether you saw the NIC and how you configured it.
Personally I would adopt the second route using a separate win10net -
if only because it is at least possible that I might want to add
another qube to the corporate network.