Multi card reader does not see Smart Card (eID)

Dear all,

I installed the last Qubes version.

Even if they wrote on this page it is not uspported on Linux I previously used successfully this Smart Card reader on a Debian distribution.
Here is the model I use, a H’MC multicard reader.
Here is the result of a lsusb done in a terminal : Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bda:0161 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Mass Storage Device

When connected this multicard reader display one USB device and only four Data (bloc) devices : Compact-Flash, SM_xD-Picture, SD_MMC and MS_MS-Pro.
But it does not display the four other Data (bloc) devices : Micro SD, M2, SIM, Smart Card
And this without having any card inserted except the eID.

As I need to be able to use the Smart Card (eID) for officials tasks could you please tell me how can I get it working ?

Sincerely thank you.

Is this in sys-usb?

Where does it not display these items?

If you are working in sys-usb, it should be equivalent to a bare-metal Linux machine. Perhaps you are missing some driver?

Dear all,

to answer to fsflover those four card reader mentioned previously appeared in sys-usb (as Data (bloc) devices) and the reader as an USB Device entry.

How did I get it work now :blush:

I installed the recommanded Firefox extension on personal VM.

After having installed the package in the fedora template I tried to install the recommanded “eid-viewer” and “eid-mw” without success.

It was just some day later after having connected the reader (at boot) with the eid card inserted I installed sucessfully those two last (“eid-viewer” and “eid-mw”) in the personal VM.

Then, after having linked the USB Device to personal VM, even if it still just display the four card reader as Data (block) devices I tested to run the eid-viewer in the personal VM terminal and it worked. It does not display this smart card reader in the Data (block) devices but it was able to read the eid card.

Then I tested it to a website requiring this card authentication and it worked great.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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