Mullvad VPN Setup Question

Hello everyone, I hope answering this question won’t be too difficult, I was wondering if this setup would work in having the most privacy/anonymity: having a whonix workstation connected to the whonix gateway and connect to mullvad on the whonix workstation OR having a whonix workstation connected to an app vm that is specifically set up for being a mullvad connection. These might seem as weird options but I need to access certain websites that are not blocked on the tor browser and was hoping I could download a different browser such as firefox on the whonix workstation and connecting to the mullvad vpn in hopes of their ip’s not being blacklisted like tor ip’s are.

why, you lot, always want to combine VPN with Tor…?! What about a simple use of Tor and thats it?

Here some read:

Hey thanks for the concerns and the articles, to clarify would you say that the second option is better than the first then? Also I did specify about why I do not use the “simple use of Tor and thats it”, I said I need to use some websites that are banned from tors exit nodes and still need to access them anonymously/privately.

It’s always better to use Tor OR VPN, but…

…then you’re forced to use VPN after Tor and you should fine with.
Sorry for my misread…

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