Mullvad vpn qube not able to add config network manager

mullvad vpn qube failed to open list of options to add own config, it’s blank and non clickable

Can you please provide the commands and steps you did to get this error?
Are you using OpenVPN or Wireguard?

The guide on the official site, did everything step by step, it works but for some reason the tab that allows to load config is blank, when i pick the mullvad network manager on top right
Qubes OS 4.2

The Mullvad guide for Qubes OS doesn’t use network manager. Can you share the guide you are talking about?

I mean i gave it access to nm service through qubes manager ui

Look up “qubes os mullvad”, it’s first link on duckduck or google

This one?

Like I said, it doesn’t use Network Manager. Why would you want to use it?

Correct, thought it was needed at first, but it’s okay