Mullvad GUI in qubes

I have been using mullvad in one app vm with no problem but I can’t manage to get it to launch with a GUI. I am using this in a debian vm. I also have it installed on another pc which has Zorin on it. Using the same deb package in Zorin it incorporates itself into the applications and I can launch a gui without a problem. Using the same method in a debian based app vm in qubes however does not present itself in qubes settings > applications but it does install as I can launch it and use it from the terminal.

This may not get much help here but does anyone know how to access/install a gui for use with mullvad in qubes?

I know that I should probably set up a mullvad qube for networking but that requires skills that I will really need to put some time aside for, so for now it works in one vm for me.

Thanks for any help I can get here. Very much appreciated.

try read this Mullvad on Qubes OS 4 - Guides | Mullvad VPN

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Not much skill required for this at all.

Try installing the gui in a fedora template, works fine.

Thanks for the replies. The first I am familiar with and only gave it a quick look before my tired eyes glazed over, meaning that I would look at it on a weekend day rather than after work :slight_smile: when I’m tired.

The second I haven’t see but will check out.

I’m trying to avoid Fedora actually. I’m much more familiar with debian so I was using that. I may consider Fedora but would more than likely just use the terminal if I can’t get it to work.

I have the Mullvad GUI running in a debian-minimal based vm, but there were a couple of packages that I had to install manually:

sudo apt-get install libasound2 libnss3
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Thanks. Great tip. I’ll try that this afternoon. I’m also in debian so hopefully this will work.

BTW, I should have included the following tip as well. First check if the packages are already installed in your template, since running apt-get will change the status of already installed packages to manually installed.

sudo apt list --installed | grep <package_name>

Again thanks. Important for a newbie like me. Great.

Used debian based OSes for over a decade before I installed qubes.
Now I like fedora better and have far more issues with debian, especially since 4.1.
Dont be afraid to give it a whirl.