Mullvad GUI App

Hello! I am still fairly new to this and wondering if it is possible to use the Mullvad GUI app with Qubes. I have been able to install it and get it set up in its own qube. In particular I tried to interpose it between sys-firewall and the qube where the browser is. However, when I turn the VPN on and try to connect through it the connection is blocked. All of the instructions I have seen seem to require hard setting one particular server for the VPN, and I would prefer being able to use the app to switch between servers in different locations. Any tips on making that possible would be appreciated.

Try this.

It’s definitely possible. I’ve been using the Mullvad GUi in a stand-alone vm, created from the debian-minimal template, for a few years now. Worth noting that, since I used the minimal template, I had to manually identify and install a small number of required packages.

So far I’ve only used this for Firefox browsing in dispVMs which use this Mullvad qube as both their firewall & network VM. Ordinarily I’d separate these functions, but with my proxy setup it has been reliable. I set up Mullvad’s socks5 proxy in the browser (including DNS) and then use the built in qubes-firewall to restrict the dispVM traffic to either or

My use case for this setup is the same as yours, being able to effortlessly switch the VPN server on the fly. For all of my other VPNed qubes, where I’m not interested in routinely changing servers, I instead use qubes-tunnel in a template based vm.

I read that using the Mullvad GUI also allows one to use Bridges (specifically for Mullvad)