Moving Monero Blockchain from Whonix-16 to whonix-17

Hey, I’d like to know if its possible to move all files related to monero from whonix-16 to whonix-17 since the EOL.
I’ve used a guide to have a seperate node in form of monerod-ws and monero-wallet-ws for added security.
I’ve tried once to copy the lmdb folder in .bitmonero but the blockchain somehow got corrupted.


What if you just switch the AppVMs template from whonix-16 to whonix-17?

Unfortunately I just found out that using Monero in Whonix 17 with monerod-ws is not possible:

It’s possible but you just need to install the monero in your template from tar.bz2 downloaded from monero website instead of installing the monero debian package.
Or install flatpak.

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thanks for the info.I now managed to have the previous things that were done on whonix-16 running on 17.
I think that moving all the files that were downloaded into /usr/bin/ helped it a bit to get the previous tutorial work properly.

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