Moving AppVMs, Templates and the entire Qubes organization to another Xen Hypervisor

Hello members,

Because I have issues in making a new laptop with Nvidia GPU work on 2 external monitors, I am researching a way to still use Qubes organization somewhere else. Problem exposed here: Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Possible Driver Installation Needed on Qubes OS 4.2 - #2 by renehoj. In the mean time, based on some findings I think XFCE is not working right with the Nvidia proprietary driver.

The thing is that I am a researcher and because I use Qubes 4.1(.2) for over a year now and because its organization with AppVMs, templates, sys-net/fw/whonix and the way everything is interconnected I really need it to still work further.

Because I need to use the new laptop (I explained in the other thread why) and because I don’t see how I am going to resolve my issue in Qubes, I am thinking on installing another linux distro as a host OS (Ubuntu most likely) and put on top the Xen Hypervisor. I am forced to do this because Nvidia driver will work properly in this way.

I tried to find an environment that can work like Qubes to open just the apps and not the GUI of each VM but I couldn’t.
Do you know if there’s a way to move the entire structure on AppVMs/Templates with the entire configs to another Xen environment? I know the risks and the fact that the entire system won’t be as secure as the Qubes OS but I am taking my chances here.

Thank you.

No one tried to do this in the past?

Did you actually tried it? If not then it’s better to check whatever it’ll work before diving deeper.