Move file from a qube to my usb?

I know the mv command, but I just can’t seem to know if my USB is mounted or not and I can’t seem to locate the USB folder so that I know the location of where to move the file for the mv command.

I rather not use the qubes gui to connect the usb-vm to a vm. Just so I can keep things in order in my head.
Also if answering please say if I should be in dom0 terminal or the usb-vm terminal or the file-vm terminal.

By default, all usb devices on Qubes go to sys-usb qube. If you want to connect a device to other qube, you should use Qubes Devices widget.

Alternatively, you can copy any file from your file-vm qube to sys-usb qube and use the USB stick inside the latter as on a normal Linux OS.

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You say you don’t want to use the GUI tool - this could mean:

  1. You want to use the command line.
  2. You don’t want to connect the USB device to another qube.

I don’t know which you want.

If you want to use the command line, then you want qvm-block in dom0 - it’s
best practice to pass only a partition, rather than the full device.
When you attach a partition it will appear in the target qube as
/dev/xvdi, (or later xvdj, or xvdk etc).
Check man qvm-block

If you don’t want to connect the device to another qube, then follow
@fsflover’s advice and copy files in to sys-usb.

You can always issue mount in a qube to see where things are
If you have used qvm-block then look for /dev/xvdi
This will tell you if a device is mounted, and where.
If it isn’t mounted then manually mount it - e.g. sudo mount /dev/xvdi /mnt

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