Mouse/touchpad not working

Hello, I have a problem after the last update. My mouse/touchpad literally works for 3-5 minutes, after which the buttons stop working - I can’t commit or select anything, I can only move my cursor around the screen. The sys-usb window appears but I can’t close it. The keyboard works ok. It is a laptop. I don’t know how to fix it, what’s causing it… Any idea?

it’s like in this video: Pointer moving along with Mouse Click (Dareu A960s) . NOTE: Unsolved Issue. - YouTube

Same here, with a desktop. PS/2 keyboard works throughout, USB mouse acts like the focus is perpetually on something else.

This is vague but here’s what I found so far: either the desktop or panel will be able to receive clicks. I found that if I Alt-Tab, even if I loop around to the same window, maybe the next click registers, then further clicks don’t. Tapping Super (Win/OS key) sometimes gets the top panel focused, sometimes not. Moving to an empty workspace with Ctrl-Alt-Left/Right gets the panel selected more reliably. Running something off any menu—Run Program … and then pressing Escape is convenient—gets the desktop selected.

Even with clicks otherwise going to desktop applications OK, some dialogs won’t close. E.g. clicking “OK” in a Qube Manager dialog leaves the button in its mouse-pressed appearance. Enter and Escape work.

I’m on 4.1 with official template updates and stable Dom0 updates. Testing Dom0 updates didn’t help.

Here too, but only touchpad. Sometimes right click touchpad helps, but in general there’s an issue with it.

I didn’t really diagnose this, but making myself a new dom0 home directory fixed the problem at the expense of having to rebuild things normally set up during installation.