Mouse input with deskhop not working

I am trying to use deskhop a really neat idea to use two device with the same mouse/keyboard combination.

I got it working generally. I can use the mouse on the second, non-qubes system and the keyboard works on both. The mouse buttons work on qubes, too. But the mouse is not reacting. I am sure that it is not a hardware issue.

What I would be glad to know is: in which ways are mouse movements restricted in qubes? Are there some special X11 settting or alike. The point is, the deskhop is using “abstract coordinates space” or something like that to get absolute position of the mouse pointer to decide when to switch the device - and I think qubes is blocking something like that.

Can anybody help me with details, how mouse movements are different on qubes that on other linux systems? At least I tried a simple Arch Linux and it works there :thinking:

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