Mouse and keyboard freezing regularly with 4.0.4


I’m generally very happy with QubesOS but for some reason, the mouse and keyboard are freezing regularly.

I did look through the various threads about freezing issues already but couldn’t find something related to my case yet (I hope I didn’t miss anything).

Here is what I know about the freezes so far:

  1. It usually happens 1-2 times per day on everage
  2. The screen is not frozen (the clock continues to showing the time)
  3. That’s why I assume that it cannot be something related to my Nvidia graphics card (not sure if this is the right conclusion)
  4. The USB mouse is frozen, the USB keyboard is frozen AND the PS2 keyboard is frozen (e.g. also the num pad LED doesn’t change)
  5. I’m using a USB qube but I assume that the issue is not related to it because PS2 is also affected
  6. Only way to restore the system is a forced reset through the power button (typical shortcust like Ctrl + Alt + F1/F2/… etc. don’t work)
  7. I read somewhere that sudo dmesg -Tw might show some useful debug messages. I tried this but it doesn’t show anything at the time of the freeze (last message was something unrelated several minutes before the freeze)
  8. After many of those freezes I still do not recognize any pattern (e.g. it doesn’t seem to be related to a specific VM or a specific activity from my side)
  9. I’m generally running a “default” 4.0.4 system with kernel 5.4.143 (I did read somewhere about instances where a higher kernel had a positive impact but then also instance where the higher kernel caused the problem
  10. My hardware is rather new:
  • Mainboard: AMD B550
  • CPU: Ryzen 7 5800x
  • Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 1060
  • RAM: 2*16 GB, 3600 MHz (with overclocking currently disabled)

Any ideas on how to debug and solve this?

As you can imagine, it’s a quite painful problem, so I really hope that someone can help me with it!

Thanks a lot in advance!

Did you see this?

Very short advice: If you want to use Ryzen 5000 series and your BIOS version is P1.10 or lower, I suggest you to upgrade BIOS before installing Qubes OS and before configuring the BIOS.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I did have a look at this before and I did upgrade the BIOS before even installing QubesOS. IOMMU is of course also active. I also never had black screen during installation.
So, unfortunately, I don’t see anything related to my problem in there. Or did I miss something?

I have a similar issue. Not that frequent and only the keyboard stops working.

Does anybody know how to troubleshoot such behavior?