Mouse and keyboard freezes/locked

Hello, I have been using Qubes OS on a Purism Librem Laptop for the last year and a half and I think it is great - I could never go back to using a regular os afterwards.
But I think it still has some issues with stability and maybe even security in extreme cases.

One problem is that mouse and keyboard gets “stuck” sometimes. It happens like this:
-the ps/2 laptop keyboard stops responding at all, no key press is being registered by the os.
-the mouse is being “pulled” to the lower right (sometimes upper right) corner of the screen and no matter how hard I try to control it with the (ps/2) trackpad it still gets pulled back to the corner of the screen.
-os is not frozen, I can still click with the mouse but I can only move the pointer with great difficulty before it gets pulled back.
-I tryed restarting sys-usb vm or keep it powered down at all times but the problem still persists.
-only fix is to power down the laptop and restart the os.

1)Could this be an attack? Could a restricted vm move the mouse pointer forcefully and also lock the keyboard or is it a hardware issue caused by the librem laptop?

2)Is there any way I could reset the ps/2 devices somehow to regain controll over the imput?

3)Is there any way to debug the problem? I can’t seem to find anything in the logs.

Is anyone having similar issues or knows how to debug them?

System: Purism Librem 13 Laptop v3 with disabled the Intel Management engine and coreboot BIOS.
OS: Qubes OS 4.1 (R4.1) Xen 4.14.4

Did you try to use a USB mouse when that happens?

No, but I will try it next time it happens.
I did have a usb keyboard connected but it also became unresponsive.

I can confirm that this “input becoming unresponsive” error that I have described above still happens with the latest qubeos version, clean install, and after updating the firmware on my librem laptop.
The cause seems to somehow be related to installing the Teamviewer (linux version) remotedesktop app in a disposable fedora 34 vm.
Is it possible that an app installed inside a vm to completely disable the mouse and keyboard on a Qubeos system?