Mounting nfs shares

My home network has a Synology NAS that I use for a variety of purposes. On it, I have a Media folder with music and a CalibreLibrary folder with books. Since I use multiple computers (Windows, Linux Mint, Qubes) I have them shared out via both CIFS and NFS.

I came up with the following setup for Qubes, and would be curious if there are other (possibly better) ways to do the same.

I installed autofs into the debian template. I created an auto.nfs file to contain the mounting instructions, basically copied from my Linux Mint install. I also added this line to auto.master:

/mnt /etc/auto.nfs --timeout=15 --ghost

I have a qube named private that has firewall rules allowing it to access only the LAN. It that qube, I can access the shares via the /mnt directories.

I have firewall rules set in all the qubes and templates so that only vault and private can access the local lan. So, even though other qubes will inherit the auto.* files, they won’t actually be able to mount the NAS locations.